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The Starly's Story...

Well, where do we start! We moved to Orton Cumbria in 2007. We lived off the beaten track in a little farm community. It was very picturesque, with beautiful scenery, tranquil sounds and no Indian takeaways! So a Saturday night treat all of a sudden became a 25mile round trip for us!

The two of us have always had a passion for Indian food and have experimented with spices and ingredients for the last 15 years Cooking all variations of indian cuisine, so fortunately we were able to get our fix, and with Orton Farmers Market on our doorstep we were able to pick up our lovely fresh Chicken, Beef or Lamb to create our authentic Saturday night feast.

Living so close to the Farmers Market and getting to meet the local producers really opened our eyes to a different kind of life style. So after years of working for other people in jobs that did not captivate our creative sides, we decided to turn our love of Indian food, into our lively hood and it's the best thing we ever did.

The first step was to stand the market in the square at Orton, the support we recieved was amazing and we are still gratefull to those customers today, then with the confidence gained from the feedback we received we stocked our first shops around cumbria, we now stock shops and department stores Nationwide, and export around the world

In 2009 we made the decision to move to Staveley in the southern part of the Lake District National park, This decision was made as we loved the feel of the Mill yard with it's artisan producers and rustic charm, after 3 months of us moving into our house we realised the village fell asleep in the evenings! We decided to take this into our own hands and open a little Indian Bistro - Starlys @ Staveley  

Our range of spices has grown over the years, which are our own recipes unique to us.  we have tried and tested scores of different recipes from cook books to family recipes passed down for generations, and adapted them into easy to use spice blends, which allow you to create a fantastic and authentic dish, without loosing any of the flavour. We are very passionate about what we are doing and hope that you enjoy eating them as much as we enjoy creating them!

Thank You

Steven & Carly